Sunday, December 4, 2011

one thing I know

As you may have guessed I'm fairly uncertain about what life is all about, whether it has meaning, if there's a god and does it matter. But if there's one thing I'm sure of it's that we are supposed to evolve. What that means is that hopefully, by the time it's over, each of us will have changed into a better person than we were. And I think it's clear what I mean by 'better.' More giving, tolerant, loving, patient, kind, and grateful. The trouble I have is that while some of us are making an effort, there are a surprising number of well-educated people who think it's all about the acquisition of more, regardless of the cost. I say surprising because it always amazes me that anyone would want to stay the same. I mean, why would you choose to stagnate? It's disappointing. Because I believe we could create paradise IF we could all learn to be better, better sisters, mothers, workers, bosses, writers, teachers, and especially leaders.

The trouble is getting everyone else on board.