Sunday, February 26, 2012

an excerpt

According to the foreword, The Secret of the Golden Flower is a part of the Book of Consciousness and Life which was written by Liu Hua-Yang in 1794. He later became a monk in the monastery of the Double Lotus Flower (Shuang-lien-ssu).'The text combines Buddhist and Taoist directions for meditation. The basic view is that at birth the two spheres of the psyche, consciousness and the unconscious, become separated. Consciousness is the element marking what is separated off, individualized, in a person, and the unconscious is the element that unites him with the cosmos.'*

Would it then follow that death would be the re-unification of the consciousness and the unconscious?


*Wilheim, Richard, THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, Harcout Brace Jovanovitch, Publishers, 1931, p. xvi.


  1. That's a very deep and unusual way to look at death. I have no answers of course, but the joy is in the thinking about that question.

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