Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'll admit to being envious of a great many things but at the top of my list would be my envy of those with complete and utter faith. Because I do want to believe in God...or something. Anything really, rather than the nothingness I'm afraid of. But how do you get there? How do you believe in something when you can't see any evidence of its existence? How can I believe in God and all that he entails when every single day I read/hear about the selfishness and greed and cruelty of so many people. If God is here why doesn't he do something? I know, you'll say those people will be punished in the after life. They will go to hell or wherever, or have to pay in their next life if you believe in karma and reincarnation. Or maybe at some point in their lives here and now payback will come in one form or another. Except I don't see it. I see people getting away with murder and stealing vast amounts and just being generally awful to one another and nothing happens. I see people who claim to be 'men of God' doing things, saying things I KNOW God would be horrified by. Maybe you'll tell me that God is hoping we will do something and he's just waiting. Except we don't. And life goes on and whatever faith I may have once had as a child is slowly eroded until now, it is just a tiny little mustard seed of hope.

So tell me. How do you have faith? Where do you find hope? What makes you believe in whatever it is that you believe in or have you given up and subscribed to a belief in Nature and Science?

I guess I'm still hoping that one of these days I'll find that wardrobe without the back and step into...somewhere else.

And who knows, maybe I will.


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  2. This is a deep one...
    Although I look at the world and beyond with great wonder, I do not believe in a "heaven and hell" god. To believe something based on pure faith alone is not in my nature. I was born a catholic, but I have no idea how anybody would want to be one, or remain one if they already were. There has been so much evil, killing and destruction done in the "name of god," that I don't see how anybody can get past that. If there was a god, how could he/she/it sit by and let the things happen that do? I know the "christian answer to that question, but I don't have faith, so I don't buy it. I don't think people with faith are stupid. I think they need something to make sense of it for them. As long as they are doing good, instead of bad, I have no problem with them. I am most certainly NOT a christian or a believer, but I believe in doing the right things, just because they are right. I'd like to think that I live my life the right way. The first half of my life was proof enough (to me) that there wasn't a god. Having said all that, I have friends that are very much christian and we do just fine together. If I'm at a meal and someone wants to say grace, I have NO problem with that at all. If they have faith and are decent folks, then we're on the same team.
    I know this kind of rambled along, sorry about that.

  3. You know what? I believe there's a lot more going on than we can see with our eyes. I believe in God and a plan and all that. I tell my son (who is not a believer) that if he's wrong, he'll be thinking, "Um . . . " but if he right, I won't know.

  4. thanks for the ramble, Pat, it's exactly what I was hoping for. And I agree with you Donna; there's a lot more going on than can be seen. That much I know.

  5. Dear MS, an award awaits your attention on my blog. Pick it up, visit it, or bow out entirely. Just wanted to say well done. Cheers -Kelly

  6. Wow, I love you already. A woman after my own heart, asking the same questions and staying open minded about it. I have found you via the great Diva Kelly and am so glad I clicked on that link.

    I myself am in the middle of an argument with a tweeter who claims that you either side with Jesus or Ayn Rand ( I mean can you believe it?). When I suggested that there could be a 3rd possiblity.....well ..if you can be bothered I blogged about it.

    All I DO know is that we DON'T know whether there is a GOD in any form. We cannot prove one way or another. Like Pat I need empirical proof - faith alone doesn't cut the mustard for me either. I have had faith that I would win the lottery and didn't. I had faith that my first husband wouldn't beat me and he did, I had faith that I could work my butt off and my good in life but that too proved to be less true than I would wish. So faith alone does not give us what we need. And I just can't subscribe to the God lottery in the hope that after someones screws down my casket lid there will be a light and I will be magically transported.

    I feel that it should not take the fear of Hell, or reincarnation as sewer rat, to keep us in check. We should be propagating Good Works as a matter of our humanity.

    So here is another ramble that I am cutting short because I got a million words wanting to come out. This is exactly the sort of blog and discussion I want.

    I will stay tuned.


  7. I don't know what is out there, or what to call it. I don't know that any one religion is 'right' -- in my mind these are all just interpretations of the same thing.

    In any case, I believe we are here for a reason, and we need to be as good and as human as we can, doing right by others whenever possible. We need to use our gifts to make a difference.

    For me, this is enough--I don't need a name for it. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  8. I'm an atheist so am the wrong person to ask. My faith is in science, and it's ability to answer all of our questions.

  9. For me life is its own answer.
    The joy of appreciating a moment in time.
    I have to say it has taken me a lifetime to reach that space.
    Sorry, I am home late and am probably not making much sense.

  10. I share your sentiments. I had a deep Christian faith when I was young, and then I basically lost it for a variety of reasons, not because of God, but because of man's interpretation of God. Now, I believe there is a Creator that encompasses all people, all faiths. Our particular brand of faith is our "on ramp" to trying to understand and connect with the infinite, which our finite minds cannot begin to comprehend.