Sunday, August 19, 2012

after after

So. I talk a lot about death and what I think it might be or what I'm afraid it might be and what I hope it might be. But I'll be very honest. As much as I hope I'm wrong. I think that when we die that's it. Game over. And believe me when I say I wish it weren't so but I have this awful suspicion that as much as I wish there was an afterlife there isn't.

So, if that's true (even if I hate the thought of it), it means that we've got just this one chance, one life, to make good. Do everything we can to be remembered well, have some fun, make friends we'll never forget and love someone other than ourselves more than anything.

And as much as I hope this isn't the only chance I get I can honestly say that I am trying to be remembered well (through my writing), doing my best to have some fun (thank you skyrim), and there are a few people in my life I love more than anything.

So. How about you?


  1. 'Game over' is an appropriate term for the termination of this life.

    But only of this life.

    Then the board pieces are changed with new rules, the cards are shuffled, and we begin again on a new level.

    Oddly, my wip is about life after. Good title by the way.
    "Life After".

  2. Great question to ask! Must think about this one!!

    New follower....

  3. I had this same conversation with someone at church the other day.

    I do believe in living the best life I can, but I also believe there's something after that. Maybe not immediately, but at the end of time as we know it.

    I guess we grow and question the things we've been taught and come to our own conclusions.

  4. I agree with you Ms. Hatch. I'm an atheist or an agnostic I guess depending on how one wants to "define" what god is. If "god" is the laws of physics then that would make me a believer.

    I think that everything that we are is in our brain. It is where reality crystallizes.

    Through the Wormhole did a fascinating episode on this very topic called "Did we invent God?" and I suggest that you watch it if you get the time.

    But yes, I agree with you. Once I'm dead, that's it. I think that most people embrace religion because the harsh "reality" of that terminus does not agree with them. They don't want life to end. But just because we want something, does not mean that we get it.

  5. I really enjoy your honesty and I think it's great we have these conversations and question why are we here? Where are we going? I honestly can't imagine this being it. I don't know how anyone who has lost anyone (all of us) could get through the day if this was all there was. I have a very strong belief that someday we will stand face to face with our creator and all the people we have ever loved will be there greeting us. I just have to believe it. I find comfort and peace because of it. I even hate wearing black at funerals :)

  6. It's nice to come across a post with such meaning. I believe that while we are dead there is nothingness, but I do believe in a resurrection.

  7. I think death is pretty much the same experience (not the right word) as we had before our birth.